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DECODER 1984 – 2011 (selected events)

Date Place Subject Remarks
Feb. 1984 Berlin (Delphi) Berlinale World Premiere
Oct. 1984 Yugoslavia (Llubljana) Yugoslavian Science Fiction Film Festival
1984 Germany Decoder Handbuch published by Trikont Verlag (limited edition 1.000 copies)
April 1985 USA: New York - Danceteria, San Francisco - Video Free America, L. A. - Anti Club, San Diego - Pink&Pearl USA-Tour
May 1985 Milano Leoncavallo
1985 Germany Decoder Soundtrack released on LP by WhatsSoFunnyAbout/Indigo
March 1986 Milano Leoncavallo
1986 Japan Japanese VHS Video Release unauthorized bootleg with Japanese subtitles
May 1986 Berlin (filmkunst 66 Kino) Screening with reading by William S. Burroughs
June 1986 Germany Start of Film Distribution in Germany Demos Filmverleih, first run in app. 30 cities
March 1987 Netherlands Leuven Filmfestival
August 1989 UK (London, Scala ) Special Screening simultaneuos live translation by Temple Ov Psychick Youth
1989 UK English VHS Video Release by Jettisoundz, UK (* censored version)
Oct. 1989 USA (Seattle) Special Screening COCA (Center Of Contemporary Art)
Oct. 1990 Leipzig (Nato) Screening Klub Nationale Front
1990 Germany Decoder Soundtrack released on CD by WhatsSoFunnyAbout/Indigo
1990 Greece, Israel, Brazil and India Goethe Film Tour part of a Goethe Institut film program
May 1991 Italy (Trento / Bozen) Cyberpunk Festival
March 1995 USA (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) Special Screening at Kenyon College part of university studies of German subculture
July 1995 Berlin (Galerie Peking) Maeck Retro Reading and Films
Feb. 1996 Italy Italian VHS Video Release by SHAKE with Italian subtitles and booklet
April 1996 Italy (Torino, Milano) Gay&Lesbian Film Festival Decoder Media Party
Sept. 1996 Italy (Venedig) Biennale The Beat Goes On - Retro
Nov. 1996 Sweden (Göteborg) Music-Filmfestival
June 1997 USA (New York) Void Club
June 1997 Germany (Duesseldorf) Bambi Cinema CultD Days of Pleasure
1998 – 2008 ... no dates preserved ...

July 2009 USA (Winnipeg, Manitoba) Special Screening
Febr. 2010 Mexico (Mexico City) Filmfestival
Mai 2010 Österreich (Krems) Donaufestival „Kino und (gescheiterte) Revolution“
August 2010 USA US DVD Release digitally remastered by Transparency w/English subtitles and bonus tracks
September 2010 Canada (Montreal) Special Screening
November 2010 Spain (Bilbao) Film Festival
September 2011 Poland (Warschau) Einladung zu dem Filmfestival "Era New Horizons"
November 2011 Japan (Tokio) Einladung zu dem Filmfestival „Wir Kinder vom UENO Zoo“
2011 Italy Italian DVD Release work in progress
2011 Germany German DVD and Online Release work in progress


16mm and 35mm film copies are available at Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek, Berlin


After man picks up live toad off keyboard, remove all sights of toad being squeezed to death in his hand, resuming to see it thrown over his shoulder. Cruel infliction of pain and suffering on captive animals in films is illegal by British law, and this entire sequence must therefore be re-cut so animal is simply lifted off keyboard and thrown away. (BBFC, 1989)